10 Minute Mail API

API for creating temporary email accounts

Welcome to the Mail.gw API documentation.

This API allows you to automate the registration process at the various sites which do require email confirmation for testing purposes.

Usage of our API for illegal activity is strictly prohibited.
It is forbidden to sell programs or earn from it that exclusively uses our API (for example, creating a competing temp mail client and charging for it's usage).

Access to the API

Available completely free of charge and without restriction.

The general quota limit is 8 queries per second (QPS) per IP address.
Keep in mind that no API keys are required to use our service.

How it works

Fetch our domain names.
Create a new account by using our domain names.
Sign up only on sites that you have acquired permission to.
The site sends an email message to the address you specify.
A message comes to our SMTP server, processed and added to the database.
You make a request to the API to fetch the message list.
That's it.

General information

The Mail.gw API specification documentation is written using the OpenAPI Specification v3.

You can download the file here and test it here.



We would appreciate any legal integrations to make usage of our service, please let us know to be added to the list.

Our API is compatible with Mail.tm API libraries as the only difference would be the base URL.

Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via email [email protected] or discord.

Tech stack

Our stack includes API-Platform, Mercure, Nuxt.js, Haraka, Caddy, MongoDB, Node.js, CentOS

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